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Deep Elm Press Release - 11/16/05

DEEP ELM RECORDS is pleased to announce that Long Island, New York's SMALL ARMS DEALER has joined the label's exclusive roster. Deep Elm will release SMALL ARMS DEALER's debut full-length "A Single Unifying Theory" worldwide on February 7th, 2006. The album was recorded by Phil Douglas of Latterman (also on Deep Elm).

Formed in 2004 from Long Island mainstays such as Contra, Explosivo!, The Devil Himself and Fellow Project, SMALL ARMS DEALER writes songs that evoke a metaphorical bloodbath between love, hate, betrayal, passion, sanity...and the spitfire that pours from "A Single Unifying Theory" certainly does nothing to disprove that notion. Yes, SMALL ARMS DEALER may play with the frenzied desperation of a band with one foot in the grave, but the vitriol that spews from vocalist Jason Lubrano, combined with the guns blazing, take-no-prisoners attack of the guitars and rhythm section, may very well blow the fucking lid off the proverbial rock 'n' roll coffin. The boys are ready for a fight and when the smoke clears after twelve incredible songs, all you're left with is an aching gut, tender ears and one of the best debut records you've ever heard.

Long Island Press - 10/28/04

Don't take the band name literally: Small Arms Dealer just thought it "sounded cool". Luckily, this EP from the Long Island punk quintet sounds cool as well. And despite originating from veterans of bands like Contra, The Devil Himself, Explosivo!, Fellow Project, and On The Might Of Princes, these five songs are wonderously fresh, as if it's the members' first band. The lyrics, which have a foot in such disparate things as death and remaining positive, are thankfully not compromised or buried in guitar noise. "Is the truth worth telling? / It may be us versus them, but we're winning. / Saints bow to sinners in the end, so hold up your head my friend" vocalist Lubrano advises in "Tonight... On a Very Special Episode". Elsewhere, "Scumbagsville, CT" adresses some issues with Connecticut, while "Who?...Me?" tells us that "the time has come to forget what we've done, but not to forgive the sins of the other one". The recording is available for free download at the website, because just reading excerpts won't do justice to these small punk-rock gems.
- Kenyon Hopkins