you're on the run,
im hiding evidence
of things you have done
the things that dismembered us
the damage is done
nothing left but remeberence
of the the battles we've won
the things that we'll take
to the grave with us

one of us
is going
to die tonite

where will we go?
your lord only knows
as of right now
i serve no one
our fates are the same
they all lead to a grave
how does it end?
it ends badly

here we are
hellfire and all
it's a sin
but i burn gladly

one of us
got kicked in the face
by trust
and one of us
is getting away with it

one of us
is drawing a line
in the dust

one of us
one of us
took the brunt of it
one of us
one of us
has to live with it
one of us
one of us
hurts but
we do what we must

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