The last shows were awesome. All of our "merch" is gone, although you may be able to still get stuff through Deep Elm or Interpunk. Thanks to everyone who came out to the shows and/or supported Small Arms Dealer throughout the years. It means a lot to us.


Hey everyone. It's been a good run, but Small Arms Dealer's come to the end of the line. Our friend and bass player Steve is moving to the arctic (Vermont) and we're playing our last two shows ever this Sunday 8/9/09. There's one all ages show midday Sunday and a 21-plus show Sunday night. These shows also serve as a birthday party for all around great guy (and lead singer of the band) Jason Lubrano, which should be sick. Come out and rock out if you want. We hope to see you there.


We've got a cool new t-shirt design that you can check out and purchase from our merch page.


Welcome to the new year. We're just writing a bunch of new songs and still playing shows here and there.


We've still got a bunch of shows coming up.


We're starting to get the first few reviews in for our new album, "Patron Saint of Disappointment". We've also got a few shows in the works.


Dave from IfYouMakeIt.com was kind enough to post a video from one of our recent live shows. You can check it out along with the rest of Dave's dope-ass site by clicking here.


Our second full length record "Patron Saint of Disappointment" is out now. You can purchase it from our merch page if you want. It is pretty sweet.


There had been some talk of us playing a show tomorrow at Fontanas in Irving Plaza NYC, but that show has been CANCELLED. We've still got a bunch of other shows coming up.


The show scheduled for tonight had to be cancelled from our end due to unforseen circumstances. :( There are a couple other new shows being set up, which you can see rough details for on the shows page. Even though our new album isn't out yet, we are already writing some new songs. They mostly sound like AC/DC.


A few new flyer images are up in our extra section, not to mention a pretty funny mini-interview with pastepunk.com.


OTMOP shows were sweet. More shows coming. You can here a couple tracks from our upcoming full length on the small arms dealer myspace page.


New shows added. The album is complete and in the manufacturing pipe right now. You probably noticed the sweet-ass artwork on the front page of the site.


Recording is complete. Album art is almost complete. We've got sweet-ass shows coming up!


VERY IMPORTANT NEWS: click to view


Recording for our second full length album, Patron Saint Of Disappointment, is almost complete! We've tracked everything and are now mixing. We're pretty proud of how it is coming out so far and we hope everyone out there likes it as much as we do. We'll drop an update when the whole thing is mixed and mastered.


Jared Fest was real cool and all the bands were dope. Aside from that, we've finished writing songs for our upcoming album and will be recording soon. We also just did a silly interview with The MySpace Interview which is a pretty cool myspace profile dedicated to doing interviews with well known people/bands who also have myspace profiles.


New show info posted. We've got a few things we're playing in November and December, as well as a little acoustic guitar jamboree on Halloween at SUNY Purchase College in NY. There may be some fire breathing involved.


You can now get Small Arms Dealer Ringtones for your cellphone thanks to Deep Elm Records! Check out the Deep Elm Ringtones page where you can find links to purchase some cool tones. Through GroupieTunes you even have the ability to make your own 30 second ringtone from any portion of any of our songs from A Single Unifying Theory! Also, a big thanks to everyone who has been ordering up our new merch! We appreciate it.


We finally got our act together for the merch section so you can finally order music, t-shirts, stickers, pins, and more through PayPal shopping cart. All major credit cards are accepted, not to mention PayPal payments if you wish! It is secure, it is convenient, and it is nerdy.


A bunch of new lyrics and song titles are posted. We're almost done writing for our new full length record!


Finally updated our links page a bit to list a ton of new bands from the Long Island NY area that are pretty sweet. Want some extra-special awesomeness recommendations?

Fucking Punk Rock = Latterman

Mathy Angular Riffage = Yes Sensei

Blazing Hardcore = The Solidarity Pact

Heartfelt Indie-Folk = Fellow Project

Intense Flamenco-Based Indie Rock = God's Gift to Women

Balls-Out Pop-Punk = Down in the Dumps


We tracked down a link to an interview we did with Mass Movement Magazine. Check it out from our reviews, interviews, and press clippings section. Spoiler: Lubrano gets pretty hard on god near the end there!


New updates to our merch page showcasing our newest sticker, button, and tshirt designs. We also posted a ton of reviews, interviews, and press clippings.


We've got details on cool shit coming soon, but in the mean time we put together some genius ideas for the sequel to Snakes on a Plane. Check out the Snakes on a Plane Sequel Generator.


Sorry for the lack of updates lately. We've been taking a bit of a break to concentrate on writing for our upcoming full length record and organizing the production of a music video (probably for Scumbagsville, CT). We've got 8 songs complete for the new record and several more in partial forms of completion... and we're pretty psyched about how the songs are coming out. I think we also forgot to mention a couple months ago that we recorded a cover of the song "Today I Discovered The World" by Cross My Heart for an upcoming cover song comp being put out by Deep Elm. Hopefully that will see the light of day soon. You can read lyrics for some of the new songs if you like.


We've got a bunch of new shows in the works. Word on the street is that we'll have t-shirts and stickers real soon.


A Radical Flash E-card is up for our new album. It includes angry sharks flipping in your face. Plus you get 3 excellent streaming songs at the end. Check it.


We've got some shows coming up. Check it nice.

Also, our new full length record, "A Single Unifying Theory", has been getting some pretty crazy-good reviews from all over the world. We are gonna post a ton of them on this website when we get a chance, but here's a few to wet your sweet-tooth for now:

Review @ Punk United
Review @ PastePunk
Review @ Mammoth Press


Our new full length album "A Single Unifying Theory" is now available for purchase through our website as well as at shows. Check out our merch page to order. The album officially drops worldwide at the beginning of February. We've got some shows coming up too.


Two shows coming up in the Long Island NY area. Check it.


The Monday 12/5/05 show in Bellmore has been cancelled. We've got a couple more in the works which will be posted soon.


Ladies & Gentlemen, we've teamed up with Deep Elm Records! It is official. We're pretty excited about it because it means we'll finally be able to bring you our full length record (and other awesome stuff) in style. The official release date for "A Single Unifying Theory" is February 7th, and the album will probably be available through this website and for mailorder even sooner. Thanks Deep Elm and thanks to everyone who has been patiently waiting for this thing to come out. Look out for actual t-shirts and stuff soon!

P.S. We are playing a sweet show this coming monday in Bellmore.


Listen, good stuff is happening in, on, and around Small Arms Dealer. Get ready for a sick record, in your ears soon. We will have more details posted ASAP. Word out.


New shows.


New shows, including a good show for a good cause at Huntington Cinema Arts Centre.


We've got some new shows coming up. Our full length album is mastered and we're working on getting it released as soon as possible.


Uhm, yeah... NEW ALBUM MP3 SAMPLES ARE GO!!! We are also rocking some awesome shows over the next couple weeks. Check it nice.


New shows are posted for the month of June (including one acoustic blast). The track recording for our full length is completed and we are mixing down right now. Shit sounds tight! We'll have samples up soon for you to listen to.


We're playing at LI Freespace on May 1st. Check it out. Awesomeness: We officially begin recording our upcoming full length record on May 15th!


We have some new shows coming up at Freespace (LI), Northsix (Brooklyn), and VP South (LI). We also started laying out the art for our upcoming full length record and it is sick so far. Sneak peeks to come soon.


Baltimore was sick. We may be playing an acoustic show at LI Freespace on 3/20/05. We're definitely playing an elecroustic show at LI Freespace on 4/16/05.


We will decimate Baltimore on 3/5/05. You should check it out.


The show we had booked for today has been cancelled. Not sure why. We wanted to play. Sorry for anyone who was psyched to booze up. We have some new lyrics up. You should sign up for our mailing list to get all the latest news and fashions.


We're playing a show in Farmingdale on 01/26/05. Be there if you are enticed by the notion of all you can drink booze for $12.


We've got photos from the 12/26 show. Thanks to all those who came out to the show despite the snow storm. We've also started a show flyers section. If you've got any flyers we don't have posted yet, contact us. Oh yeah... happy new year.


That mind-blistering show on 12/26/04 is switching venues to The Kings Club in Centereach LI. We finally got a guestbook that sorta looks like the rest of the site.


Check out a mind-blistering show on 12/26/04. Word on the street is that Small Arms Dealer has been gearing up for a full length recording. Bunches of lyrics for new songs are posted.


We have new stickers in the merch section. There are lots of new photos up. More to come soon.


The new Small Arms Dealer Website v2.0 is up. More content will be uploaded soon. Keep checking back.


We've got a show at Saints & Sinners on Thursday 10/28/04. You should check it out. Halloween costumes may be involved.


Adam says that Snakemaster is "bullshit".


Check out some rock on thursday 10/14/04.


We have tons of new songs. Check out some of the lyrics. We've got a couple shows coming up. Details will be posted on here soon.


Unfortunately, we ended up not being able to play our shows on 8/19 and 8/21. Sorry for anyone who was devastated by that. You should come check out our next show on 9/4.


We've got a bunch of shows lined up. Full details will be up for all of them soon. Come check them out.


A few photos have been posted. You can also find some new stuff in the extra section.


The public demanded it and now they have it. You can make your own "Hot Knives EP" by downloading, printing, burning, and building. Everything you need is available in our merch section. Hint: This also sorta means that all the tracks from the EP are now posted for download as high quality MP3s.


Hey we've got shows coming up in August! The guestbook is up and working. We will have our entire demo up soon for free download.